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theVar & Sport from Talk Thirty To Me

February 14, 2011

Welcome to our first post! To get us started, we picked a pair of scoundrels that embody the spirit of what we’re going for with 12?s: true individuals with brash, energetic, and unique voices who are doing something, building communities and shaking things up.

In 2010, Talk Thirty To Me emerged as a provocative, entertaining forum for plugged-in thirty-somethings. The brainchild of social media strategists LeVar Battle and Sara Downey (better known to the blogosphere as theVar and Sport), TTTM tackles the tough stuff about being a grown-up in the information age, ranging from the vicissitudes of dating – shacking up, rebounding, STDs, etc. – to Sport’s candid blow-by-blow account of her pregnancy, with a snarky, spicy frankness.

The impact of social media on self and others is a recurring theme on TTTM, so we decided to break the pixel wall and get some face time with The Var and Sport. We hooked up with them at La La’s Wine Bar in Denver’s hip Governor’s Park neighborhood, plied them with drink (water for Sport), and asked them 12 Questions.

Talk Thirty To Me

Video by Tim Davids (@2509), shot on an iPhone 4 and a Flip.

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