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Such bold yet friendly curiosity

February 18, 2011

What a great first week! Typically we’re going to use our Friday posts for housekeeping, event announcements, and such. But this week we want to take a minute to thank some of the folks who helped make this happen.

First, Tim Davids, who shot the Talk Thirty To Me video, and LeVar Battle and Sara Downey who were such engaging interlocutors. And LaLa’s Wine Bar in Denver graciously allowed us to shoot in their dining room on a busy Tuesday night.

Second, Jay Brannan and his legion of Facebook and Twitter followers who really blew us up on Wednesday. We love Jay’s answers and are so grateful he took the time to do the questionnaire.

Third, Chris and the folks at Rackhouse Pub in Denver (especially Ben, our handsome and attentive server), for making us feel so welcome during our launch party. Big hugs to everyone who came out on a school night to help us celebrate our inception. Wear those 12?s buttons with pride, folks! And, hey! If you took pics at the launch party, send us links to your Tumblr or Flickr and we’ll share them in next Friday’s post.

Finally, everyone on Twitter and Facebook who have followed, liked, friended and retweeted us all week. We appreciate your support and hope we can continue to merit your attention. As a present to you, click here for one of Jay Brannan’s wonderful YouTube videos (this one’s a cover of Sinéad O’Connor’s “Black Boys On Mopeds” that makes me cry every time I watch it).

Next week we hope you’ll come back to see how Denver arts promoter Dana Cain (she’s on the cover of this week’s Westword) and Toronto blogger Raymi the Minx respond to our questionnaire.

Thanks again, friends, and keep that RT love coming!

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