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Dana Cain

February 21, 2011

If you live in Denver and don’t know Dana Cain – where have you been? Denver Modernism Show?  Colorado Chocolate Festival?  Vintage Voltage Expo?  Rocky Mountain Book & Paper Fair? AND the upcoming Denver County Fair – yeah, that’s all her. With Dana Cain Events, Dana is indulging her passions and, simultaneously, creating a space for creative types to get together.  She throws a damn good party!

When she’s not coordinating, promoting, and juggling, Dana also sits on the board of the Art District on Santa Fe. With a focus on Colorado artists, Dana’s art collection is formidable and something she continues to cultivate avidly. Pay attention!  2011 looks to be Dana’s year – 12 Questions thinks she’s somebody to watch!

1. What is your hometown?

I was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, in the foothills of the Ozarks. My dad worked for Exxon and we transferred every couple years or so … I grew up all over the south. I consider my real “home towns” to be Brewton, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana … those are the places I lived the longest and the places that really molded me.

2. With what fictional character do you most identify?

Auntie Mame and Ziggy Stardust. I have always identified with Auntie Mame and her ‘Life’s a banquet … ” philosophy. When I saw that movie as a kid, I took her on as a role model. And later, when I discovered David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust character, I began to understand my inner flamboyance and my alienated feelings of being connected to a reality that was more about dreams, science fiction and creativity.

3. In the movie of your life, cast an actor to play you.

I think the girl who stars in Mike and Molly [Melissa McCarthy] could play me. I love her!

4. What work of art speaks to your soul?

Many many works of art speak to my soul. I collect art and have over 130 original works by local Colorado artists. I’ll pick “Comfort Food” by Riva Sweetrocket as one of the top pieces that I relate to very deeply.

5. What books are you currently reading or recommending?

I’ve been reading bios and writings by P.T. Barnum … a favorite mentor of mine.

6. What song or album is currently in heavy rotation on your iPod?

Okay, I don’t have an iPod. True story. But some of my favorite current radio tunes are “Secrets” by OneRepublic (local Colorado band) and “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri, and I always like almost anything recorded in the 70s.

7. What’s the last movie that made you cry?

I cried during “The King’s Speech,” partly because when I was in grade school, I had a stammer, just like him. It was limiting and made me feel inferior – for years. I couldn’t express myself freely. That movie shed some light on why I might have gone through that. I did overcome it though.

8. Cat person or dog person?

Dog Person. I did live with 12 cats once, though … when an ex-beau moved in with a bunch of cats for 4 years. That was pretty cool – but I won’t do it again.

9.  What is more important, truth or kindness?

Kindness is more important than truth. Come on. You’ve seen the Geico Abe Lincoln commercial …. I rest my case.

10. How do you define sin?

Sin is a cruel invention of religion, and I reject the notion of it altogether. People are people and we all make mistakes, but we’re all trying to be good.

11. How do you define virtue?

Virtue is being true to your highest ideals, and trying to have a positive impact on those around you.

12. Design your tombstone: What does it say?  What does it look like?

My tombstone … ?    “Don’t Dream It … Be it.”

Bonus Question: Who would you like to see answer these questions?

– Susan Froyd, Westword
– Mark Penner-Howell, artist
– Bobbi Walker, gallery owner
– Jack Pappalardo, Pres. of Art District on Santa Fe


Dana Cain Events

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