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One night of magic rush

March 4, 2011

We hope you’ve enjoyed Big Top Denver Week, which featured some of our favorite Denver people: Popular Lemonade mastermind Rachel Romero, comedians Paul Berlute-Shea and Trent Gillaspie (both in videos!), and filmmaker Tim Davids. We hope to meet some of our local readers at the Big Top Denver event on Saturday.

The show features: UTICA and Stellare Music ENT, The Staff, The Diamond Boiz, The Good Grime Sound System, Le Divorce, Music Distortion and Denver’s Kitty Box “New School” Burlesque, with DJ Chase Dobson breaking hearts and dropping beats, and Unseen Denver providing visual stimuli. There’s also a secret mystery band (shhhhhh, don’t tell). I don’t think you’ll find a more diverse line-up at any Denver show anytime soon. We’ll have a pocket-full of 12?s buttons to give away if you spot us in the crowd.

The icing on the cupcake of a great week, though, was yesterday’s write-up in the Westword Arts & Culture blog. Here’s a sample:

“I think we have questions that are begging to be answered,” says co-creator Becky Hensley, “and it works because the breadth of the questions allow for a kind of play that intrigues people.” Spencer adds, “When everyone is forced to answer the same questions that aren’t tailored to their field, it gives readers insights into the respondents’ world-view and personality in a way that an interview that’s tailored to their comfort zone will not.”

As the blog grows and takes shape, the interviewees so far have been heavily skewed toward the blogazine’s Denver roots. “I think Denver is in the process of coming into its own as a metropolitan center,” says Keralis. “It still doesn’t have the rep that, say, Minneapolis has as a regional music and arts center, but it’s on the cusp. There are a lot of really interesting people working toward making Denver a creative hub.”

“Things just seem to click here,” says Hensley. “It’s the kind of collaborative community we’ve both been seeking.”

Big Top Denver is a great example of that sort of collaborative community, and 12 Questions is thrilled to have been able to support their efforts by featuring some of the talent behind the scenes as well as some of the faces you’ll see onstage on Saturday.

And just in case you’re still not in the mood to party on Saturday, here’s a video of Le Divorce covering The Knife from a 2009 performance at Larimer Lounge.

Next week we return with Minneapolis’s punk poet, STNNNG frontman Chris Besinger, and Denver comic Adam Cayton-Holland.

Connections: presents 2509’s Big Top Denver
Local blog 12 Questions has the answers. Denver Westword “Show and Tell” Arts and Culture blog.

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