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Some cause happiness…

March 18, 2011

Sometimes the universe surprises you. Like when you’re out for a walk on a windy day and you’re afraid it’s just going to be miserable, but suddenly you turn the corner and there’s a patch of sunshine just there. Like it’s been waiting for you, holding a spot for you. There’s maybe a park bench; and a view. Sometimes the universe blesses you with sunshine and a view. And often when you least expect it.

That’s kind of what this week has been like here at 12 Questions. One of the great things about doing an online publication like this is that we get to bring together amazing people from all over the place, who do all sorts of things, who thrill us to bits. And we get to share them with an even wider circle of amazing people from even more places. Shane Hickey, Jon Rappleye, and Andrea Heimer are some of those wonderful people and we’re so happy to have had the opportunity to share them with you all.

We have to give a special nod to Andrea, though. Her post yesterday set a new bar for 12?s respondents. Her creativity, playfulness, and sheer enthusiasm inspire us! Thank you, Andrea, so very much!

We also want to thank everyone who commented on posts this week. The 12 Questions Questionnaire shouldn’t be a closed circuit; it should initiate a conversation. We hope you’ll take time to go back and respond to your favorite posts, or to acknowledge one of your favorite people. We’ll sure appreciate the feedback, and we know our respondents will too.

We’ve added a new bit to the homepage – a Nominations tab. This is a place for you to send us a message and let us know who you’d like to see respond to the 12 Questions Questionnaire. If you have their contact info, so much the better, but even if you don’t, please take a second to send us a name and a little note about why you’d like to see them respond. We’ll tell them they were nominated, and then let you know if they respond. We can’t wait to see who you come up with!

Next week we’re excited to feature photographer E. Katie Holm, who documents endangered cemeteries and historical women warriors, and Amy Sakasitz, a former child actor who bakes amazing cakes. We hope you’ll join us bright and early Monday. In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine.

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