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Hidden talent counts for nothing…

April 1, 2011

It’s been a good week at 12 Questions! It seems every time we reach out to someone – there’s a notable, talented, and eager individual reaching back happy to correspond with us and answer our queries.

This week’s respondents fall into each of those notable, talented, and eager categories. Erika Napoletano kicked off the week with her whip smart brand of sass, Late July swooped in and chilled us out sweet and soft, and Josh Vanek tied it all up with a neat tidy DIY bow! And if we’re any reflection of our respondents – damn, we look good!

It only gets better next week when we feature the Brooklyn poet Eseohe Arhebamen, Typetrigger mastermind Lily Pierson, and the front man for the totally fun dance party band Rosedale, Mike Liorti.

So, now, dearest readers, send us your thoughts, comments, nominations, opinions! We welcome your insight and we’re sure our respondents do too. And if you’re not following us on Facebook and Twitter – get on it!

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