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Where Being is thought of as the venture, something more daring may prevail…

April 8, 2011

spring flowers by @NePlusUltra

It’s easy in the routine of things, in the rut of what ol’ Bill Wordsworth called “getting and spending,” to do a lot of what’s expected of us and neglect the things that feed our souls. Ol’ Bill goes on to say that this rut “lays waste our powers,” drains us of our strength to do, and to do well until we’re blinded to the wonder of Nature and have “given our Hearts away.” We find ourselves unable to experience joy for “we are out of tune, /It moves us not.” We see flowers and think, “allergies.” It’s a bleak picture of modern life, one that is still all too often true, but that we believe does not have to be.

This week we’ve featured people who have shaken off that rut and are doing something important, not only for themselves, but for the communities they’ve built around their work. When Eseohe Arhebamen throws herself body and soul into her Fire Butoh performances, she becomes the center of a community that defies boundaries of time, nation, and race. Faced with writer’s block, Lily Pierson founded Typetrigger -a community of writers committed not only to getting their work out there, 300 words at a time, but equally committed to supporting and encouraging each other. And when Rosedale takes the stage tonight at Mod Club in Toronto, you can bet there will be a community, in tune and moving. 12 Questions celebrates them and their communities, and are so glad they’re part of our community, as well.

Next week we join in another kind of celebration of another sort of community: National Library Week. Libraries are the warm beating hearts of neighborhoods, ‘zine scenes, and scholarly societies, and are about so much more than books. We’re featuring Kelly Shortandqueer of the Denver ‘Zine Library, Ben Miller from the Sauk City Public Library, Carissa Tomlinson of Towson University, Mike Kelly of Amherst’s Frost Library, and Marvin Taylor of NYU’s Fales Library. Look for it to begin bright an early Monday morning!

In the meantime, before you go out and enjoy some spring weather, take a moment to go back and comment on your favorite 12 Questions post. And while you’re online anyway, please join our communities on Twitter and Facebook. Let’s be something greater together.


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