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National Library Week

April 11, 2011

“These Libraries have improv’d the general Conversation of the Americans, made the common Tradesmen and Farmers as intelligent as most Gentlemen from other Countries, and perhaps have contributed to the Stand so generally made throughout the Colonies in Defense of their Privileges.”
~Benjamin Franklin

12 Questions is celebrating National Library Week! Librarians are some of our favorite people – they’re the unsung heroes at the forefront of cultural preservation, anti-censorship initiatives, and the fight for open access to technology.

As technology has changed, so have libraries, and  librarians roles have changed accordingly. But the same spirit of democratic access to information and ideas that inspired Ben Franklin and his Junto to share their books still motivates librarians of all sorts.

This week, we’re proud to feature a variety of folks who keep that spirit alive. From the vast collections of historical materials and high-tech media available at large institutions, to the public libraries that are the beating hearts of neighborhoods large and small, to the DIY spirit of your local ‘zine library, these institutions are powered by passionate people who work hard every day to ensure access to their collections, to promote free speech and eliminate censorship, and to preserve our shared heritage.

Celebrate National Library Week by visiting the library of your choice; check out a book, surf the web, do some research in a reading room, or just kick back and enjoy the community happening around you. And don’t forget to thank your librarian!


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