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Tammie Hudnall-Parrish

May 4, 2011

Tammie Hudnall-Parrish & Carter Parrish

Tammie Hudnall-Parrish wants you to look fantastic in a great pair of glasses. A world-class optician, Tammie has nearly twenty years experience matching frames, lenses, and faces in high-end optical. Outside of retail, Tammie has repped for some of the best eyewear lines in the industry, including J. F. Rey, Alain Mikli, and Chrome Hearts. In 2010, Tammie decided to leave the road and put down roots, opening her own store, Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear in Rochester, Minnesota with her husband and partner Marcus Parrish. Later that year, they brought Carter McLaren Parrish into the world, and he’s already part of the routine at Eye-Q.

Tammie’s not just about high fashion spectacles, though. For several years she volunteered with the Salvadoran Association for Rural Health (ASAPROSAR), dispensing eyewear in a field clinic in rural El Salvador. Closer to home, she served for five years as Eyewear Coordinator for Project Homeless Connect, where she managed vendors, volunteers, and dispensing staff to bring more than 600 pairs of free glasses annually to the homeless of the Twin Cities.

A savvy business woman and entrepreneur, a tireless advocate, and a devoted mom, Tammie’s a role model for anyone in retail. We managed to get her to sit still after hours to answer 12 Questions, with her co-star Carter.


Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear
Eye-Q Intelligent Eyewear

Video shot by Kristin Dell’Orso/9th Circle Photography, edited by Tim Davids/2509 for 12 Questions.


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