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James Barnes

June 9, 2011

James Barnes, portrait with devilled egg and cocktail umbrella

There’s more to good hair than the simple technicalities of a cut and color. Just ask James Barnes, Master Colorist for Juut, the flagship salons for the Aveda product line. A career colorist since 1994, James joined Juut in 2000. When he isn’t making good hair happen at their salon in the Gavidae Center in downtown Minneapolis, James is finding inspiration in his love for cutting edge music, contemporary art, and wearably hip street style.

James pulls all this together to deliver lifestyle-friendly color that both complements and transforms a high-fashion hairstyle. Plus, James delivers it all with humor and a joyful sense of play. With James, fashion is fun, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

1. What is your hometown?

after years of therapy I can finally admit…I’m from Council Bluffs, IA//though I often tell people Omaha, NE…sounds more cosmopolitan don’t ya think?

2. With what fictional character do you most identify?

 off the top of my head I’d say Rhoda Morgenstern mixed with Charity Hope Valentine…though I’d love it to be something cooler like Henry Rollins or Andy Warhol…oh well  🙂

3. In the movie of your life, cast an actor to play you.

oohh…good one, can I say Jason Statham without being laughed outta the building?

4. What work of art speaks to your soul?

dark yes, morose maybe, but I’d say “The Girl In The Picture”  [Nick Ut’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photo, 1972] …I dare you not to be affected.

5. What books are you currently reading or recommending?

ah…summer reading// just finished “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and am currently reading “Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator”…so far, eck//no where near as magical as the former.

6. What song or album is currently in heavy rotation on your iPod?

upon reflection and a quick view at my nano I realized I must have a woody for e.p.’s cuz that’s what I seem to be gravitating towards…
    Year of the Tiger “Good Day for a Tiger” e.p.
     Light Asylum “In Tension” e.p.
     Beth Ditto’s self titled e.p.

7. What’s the last movie that made you cry?

 The waterworks flow every fuckin’ time I watch “Whale Rider”…last viewing was no exception.

8.  Cat person or dog person?

Dog, definitely…though I loved the cats that have owned me in the past.

9. What is more important, truth or kindness?

 Truth/every time…still workin’ on how to deliver it with kindness/probably always will.

10.    How do you define sin?

being raised and educated catholic I don’t know if I believe in the whole “sin” aspect but probably if I had to give it a face I’d say that deep weighted pit in your heart/stomach that you get when you feel intense regret for your actions…I think it’s wrapped around sorrow or fear or responsibility of causing that feeling to someone else…trust me, I know that feeling…it kicks my ass every time.

11.    How do you define virtue?

flip answer #10…the yang to the yin of human nature…and my most happy place…where kindness meets selflessness…aahhh.

12.   Design your headstone: What does it say? What does it look like?

this has been an idea I’ve had for quite some time and one I’ve made my dearest friends promise to make sure get’s carried out…I want a parking meter with my name and birth date/death date carved into the post that simple says “time expired” in the face plate.



2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 17, 2011 10:39

    beth ditto’s e.p. is amazing – nice to see you give props to it. and yes, he is more of a dog person

  2. ctomlins permalink
    June 9, 2011 10:10

    I love James’ tombstone idea!

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