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Cindy Brown

June 10, 2011

Cindy Brown at City Museum. Photography by Rebecca Haas.

 St. Louis-based designer Cindy Brown launched Rebel Tart in September of 2010. Her new clothing line mixes sexy, saucy and fun, with just the right amount of sass. Rebel Tart uses both new and recycled fabrics to create a  collection that features limited edition and one-of-a-kind items.  A passionate seamstress, Cindy is obsessed with polka dots, houndstooth, and bows, and enjoys mixing and matching patterns and colors to create a unique vision that lets you bring out your inner rebel. Cindy lives with her fiance, two dogs, and a fat cat.

One of the great things about doing 12 Questions is that we get to discover great new things – sometimes even before they break. Our loyal reader and friend Nikki sent us the info on today’s respondent ages ago, which inspired us to throw our own little Fashion Week (which we hope you’ve been enjoying!).  Now we’re going to step aside and let Miss Cindy Brown throw us some attitude.

1. What is your hometown?

I was born in New Jersey but I have lived in St. Louis most of my life.

2. With what fictional character do you most identify?

Hmmm, I’d have to say that for my sarcasm, it’d be Daria. But for my natural energy and spunk, I’d have to say the hamster from Bolt.

3. In the movie of your life, cast an actor to play you.

I really love Zooey Deschanel or Ellen Page.

4. What work of art speaks to your soul?

My tattoo, it is the only one I have and is completely representative of me. I lucked out by getting matched up with a tattoo artist who understood sewing and came up with the most amazing design just from a list of things that I felt represented me best. It is a constant reminder and inspiration for me that the passion I’ve chosen for myself is the right one….and yes, that is my side boob.

Cindy Brown Tattoo

5. What books are you currently reading or recommending?

The Harry Potter Series…I’ve been so behind with literature because sewing and work has taken over my life. I love the movies and books are so amazing. The ones I commonly recommend are Memoirs of a Geisha or anything by Shel Silverstein.

6. What song or album is currently in heavy rotation on your iPod?

WOW…let’s see: The Shins, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ladytron, Mumford and Sons, Bright Eyes, Shiny Toy Guns, Vampire Weekend, She & Him, Lady Gaga

7. What’s the last movie that made you cry?

500 Days of Summer…I watch it all the time when I catch it on the movie channels and I cry every damn time. Summer is such a bitch.

8. Cat person or dog person?


Cindy Brown's Animals

9. What is more important, truth or kindness?

Truth, but it’s better when you have both.

10. How do you define sin?

Irrevelent people having a reality TV show…really? Jersey Shore…REALLY???

11. How do you define virtue?

Chosing how to live your life and being proud of it. Personal happiness is the key to feeling complete.

12. Design your headstone: What does it say? What does it look like?

My headstone would most likely be a giant bow! It would read:

Cindy Brown
Lover, Seamstress, Pet Mother
“A life of bursts and Blooms”

Bonus Question: Who would you like to see answer these questions?

Bethany Laska (Amazing hair stylist) and Ash Mathews (CA based makeup artist)

Rebel Tart
Rebel Tart on Facebook

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