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August 29, 2013
Travis Shinn
Palms is different from what you might expect if you’ve ever heard ISIS or the Deftones. The mastery of instruments remains, but the frenetic, aggressive momentum has been replaced by something more measured and almost shoegaze-y.
It’s not so much a departure for Chino Moreno, the lead singer of Deftones, his voice has an interesting range that can explode acidic and grizzly or lull soft and dreamy. But for the rest of the band, all members of ISIS, this collaboration is a new direction that has allowed for bandmates Jeff CaxideAaron Harris and Bryant Clifford Meyer to explore atmospheric soundscapes that break apart and start anew.
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Petra Flurr

August 26, 2013


It isn’t often that I get to write the words “genderqueer electropunk provocateur” so it’s with great pleasure that I use those words to introduce today’s featured artist, Petra Flurr. This Berlin artist smashes musical genres, gender binaries, and eardrums with delirious abandon, making hard electronic music that fuses the best of early no wave with a sizzling contemporary edge. Read more…

Space March

August 21, 2013
If you like your electropop melodic, layered and a little dreamy, then you’re going to love Space March! Space March is a creative project from Australian singer/songwriter/producer Craig Simmons, spanning more than 10 years.

Craig began Space March with the intention of finding new ground for 1980s style synthpop in the 21st century. Over the four Space March albums he has explored mixing synthpop with other genres, like indie, rock, Beatlesque psychedelia, dream pop, classical and film score music. In doing this, Space March has developed a signature sound which is different from his electro revival contemporaries. Read more…

Ivory Circle

August 15, 2013


Singer-songwriter Connie Hong writes the kind of songs that beg to serve as the closing overture for an epic and heartfelt movie that both destroys and uplifts you, her ballads simultaneously adding weight and whimsy to the scene where the star-crossed lovers run through the subway platform, finally finding one another and embracing; or that climactic moment when the heroine takes flight, leaving her tortured past behind (as indicated by the passing skyline through her car windshield). Read more…

Black Wing Halo

August 12, 2013

Black Wing Halo. Photo by Meijin Bruttomesso

Photo by Meijin Bruttomesso

It’s Monday morning, and in our office, that means METAL! What better way to kick off your week than the blazing wall of sound coming off Black Wing Halo‘s latest EP BWH. In the great New York noise-rock tradition, this rough and ready outfit delivers all the spine-tingling riffs, throbbing bass, gut-punching drums, and eardrum-shredding vocals you need to make Monday your bitch. Read more…

Holley Maher

August 8, 2013


We’ve noticed something about the people we’ve featured on 12 Questions: none of them are just one thing. Singer-songwriter Holley Maher is no exception. In her Nashville home, she surrounds herself with paintbrushes, self-authored and illustrated storybooks and novels, odd collections of instruments, and stacks of notebooks full of sketches, ideas, and songs in the making. Her vivid artistic vision bleeds into the studio and her songs, manifesting in beautifully textured vocal harmonies and sweeping melodies that seem to pull you in and carry you away. For Holley, making music and making art are part of the same lovely continuum. Read more…

1984 For You

August 5, 2013


1984 for you is the nom de plume under which artist and designer Georgina Fineman curates her inspirations and design work. In a delicious throwback to the mail art of the 80s and 90s – pre-digital, y’all – Georgina has an ongoing project of envelope doodles called Envelopes for you. Shoot her an email with your addy and she’ll send you a doodled envelope via snail mail. Georgina’s work is whimsical and thoughtful, challenging in a way that makes you want more. Read more…

Esben and the Witch

July 31, 2013

Esben and the Witch

There’s a tension that you can feel when you listen to Esben and the Witch. Almost like the sound of a hundred secrets waiting to spill out – soft and whispered, but still a kind of insidious insistence. And as the pressure builds something must hiss out.

With Rachel Davies chirping voice and enchanting lyrics playing over Daniel Copeman‘s throbbing drums and Thomas Fisher‘s crisp guitar sound, Esben and the Witch paint a kind of surreal landscape cluttered with creeps and ghosts.

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The Brooklyn Quarterly

July 29, 2013

Jane and Tristan

The Brooklyn Quarterly is a new online publication that aspires to fulfill the promise of internet publishing – providing not just yet another venue for emerging writers to showcase their work, but to foster a community – a social network, if you will – of “writers, professionals, activists, entrepreneurs, and scholars who believe in the power of narrative and the critical importance of public intellectuals rather than an exclusive intelligentsia.” This is ambitious stuff in the anti-intellectual times we inhabit, in which intelligence can be a liability, and everything from “literature” to entertainment to politics is pitched to the lowest common denominator. But founding editors Jane Greenaway Carr and Tristan Snell do something that other less utopian and more commercial (read cynical) media don’t do – they trust their audience to want to think, to embrace challenge, and perhaps to grow as a result.

The preview issue of TBQ currently online features a first-person memoir of the 2011 Tahrir Square protests, poetry, an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, short fiction, and personal essays from a small constellation of rising stars in letters and politics. If this is the preview issue, we can’t wait to see what’s next. Read more…


July 24, 2013


Kylesa doesn’t mess around. The band from Savannah, Georgia have never been ones to follow any rules regarding genre or sound. They tear it all up in front of you and throw it in your face.

Laura Pleasants’ multifaceted voice playing over Phillip Cope’s shouting (and their wicked guitars) move the band’s sound from stunning sludgy metal riffs to hyper punk rock with no explanation about where it will go next. Bass player Chase Rudeseal and drummers Carl McGinley and Eric Hernandez keep the beat drilling waves of sound into your head.

With many releases under their belts, it’s hard to imagine that Kylesa will be slowing down any time soon. Their new album Ultraviolet, released in May, is just another collection of ripping song for banging your head.

We’re psyched to have lady shredder, Laura Pleasants, on 12 Questions today! Read more…