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Spencer Keralis & Becky Hensley, photo by Shaun Asakura Photography, © 2011.

12 Questions co-Editor Spencer Keralis is the founder and publisher of Laughing Mouse Press. His poetry and fiction have appeared in The Dry Crik Review of Contemporary Cowboy Poetry, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, and The Owen Wister Review (among other cool small press pubs); and his essays have appeared in Book History and Texte und Töne. He’s currently based in Denton, Texas where he’s doing things with new media in libraries. Email: spencer [at] 12questions [dot] us  Follow @hauntologist on Twitter.

12 Questions co-Editor Becky Hensley runs The Denver Craft Ninjas, a women’s crafting collective dedicated to keeping the DIY spirit alive through laughter, shared skills, and cocktails. She’s put on two craft fairs in Denver, Craftin’ Carnival and Colorado Creative, blogs for the Denver Post’s Colorado at Home blog, and runs Kunoichi Craft Events. Email: becky [at] 12questions [dot] us Follow @NePlusUltra on Twitter.


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